Jim Belcher hunting with his 56" SKY TD13 Longbow System
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Jim's 10 Point
Jim's 10 Point White Tail Deer, 2012

Good Hunting Season in 2012
The weather was great in 2012 and the rut was on in the early part of November. Looking forward to what might come our way this season.

Jim was shooting his SKY TD13 Wood ILF Riser and XGCB Longbow Limbs. He was pulling 57# at his 29" draw.

Waiting patiently and quietly looking over a corn field from his tree stand, this beautiful 10 point gave him a shot and he took it! A fantastic deer -- dressed out at 185#.

Jim took the deer with our wood ILF System -- 13" riser, 24" Medium, Single Carbon, Foam Core, Longbow limbs making a 56" bow, pulling 57# @ 29".