SKY TR-7 25" ILF Competition Riser Bow lengths of 68", 70", & 72"
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SKY TR-7 Riser
starting at $799.99

"The greatest bow never made"until now! 10 Years in the making designed from the ground up with state-of-the-art technology the NEW SKY TR-7 Riser.

TR-7 System of riser proven in competition, can take you to your highest level of accuracy. Beautifully balanced with minimum flex for greater arrow speed.

It's everything a "gold medal" bow should be.


Competition I.L.F. Riser with Mathews Harmonic Stabilizers. It has the Earl Hoyt Universal Grip geometry. You have a multitude of grip designs that will plug right on.

Available in Frosted Gold, Frosted Silver, Frosted Black, Frosted Blue, and Raw.

For the Barebow Shooter, Stainless Steel Weights are available which can replace the Stabilizers. Weights come in Short, 1/4# and Long, 5/8#.


Bow lengths of 66,", 68", & 70"