SKY TR-7 25" ILF Competition Riser Bow lengths of 68", 70", & 72"
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SKY TR-7 Riser
starting at $799.99

"The greatest bow never made"until now! 10 Years in the making designed from the ground up with state-of-the-art technology the NEW SKY TR-7 Riser and Limbs.

TR-7 System of riser and limbs proven in competition, can take you to your highest level of accuracy. Beautifully balanced with minimum flex for greater arrow speed.

It's everything a "gold medal" bow should be.

Competition I.L.F. Riser with Mathews Harmonic Stabilizers. It has the Earl Hoyt Universal Grip geometry. You have a multitude of grip designs that will plug right on.

Available in Frosted Gold, Frosted Silver, E-Cote Black, and US Flag.

For the Barebow Shooter, Stainless Steel Weights are available which can replace the Stabilizers. Weights come in Short, 1/4# and Long, 5/8#.


Bow lengths of 66,", 68", & 70"